Passion and homemade tradition

The story of our business began with the idea, toyed with for years, of creating a production company that, founded on a wealth of family experience handed down over at least three generations of bakers and pastry chefs, would bring simple shortcrust pastry delights to the Italian and international market, closely tied to tradition but also strongly devoted to the needs of modern customers.

Since early childhood, from the ovens of our grandfathers and our fathers, we breathed in the fragrance of the best shortcrust pastry and the passion for homemade tradition.

We have selected the best local ingredients, never compromising on the very highest quality. This selection has allowed us to capture in our products the true fragrance of goodness.

We have travelled the world in search of the most innovative ideas and the best production processes, observing with great care the needs of modern customers, both in Italy and internationally.

We offer our “Biscotti & Crostate” (Biscuits & Tarts) on the Italian and foreign market, certain that our modern production processes and attractive new image can only improve the quality of a product that is already excellent and much loved by children and adults alike.